Accutane – The miracle cure or lifetime sentence of misery?

Even though I know it’s not the Spiritual way to be, I wish for just one day that the CEO of Hoffmann-La Roche could walk just one day in the shoes of a person who ingested Accutane.

It’s hard to even describe how difficult life has been since my husband ingested Accutane nearly 19 years ago.  Every day is a struggle.  The numerous side effects that have lasted long after the treatment,  has been the most horrible thing I have ever seen someone go through.  The medical system is just draining because they can only treat the symptoms they can’t take away the damage.  It took many, many  years for the medical system to even identify his problem and start getting him treatment,  even though he was going to the doctor on a regular basis trying to get help.  We are now drained medically,    insurance we  can’t keep up with, knowing  he needs more treatments just to stay alive.    

Humiliated and drained we face each day.   Most of our friends and family have either become distant or at the very best they can’t understand.   It’s hard to be very social or a friend to anyone when you struggle just to get through one more day.   Holidays don’t exist.  Vacations aren’t even thought of ,  everyday is just getting through to the next.

 Hoffman has their  team of  lawyers and will drag out assisting all the Accutane victims as long as they can.  Maybe they can sit back and justify their actions for years to come waiting for many of the victims to die.   I hope that deep down in their soul they can absorb what they have done to the lives of  so many.  We can’t turn back time and neither can they but facing their responsibilities would be a refreshing thing to see for many who have suffered for so long.




Fear and smear rule the airways

As November rolls around and election day nears I’m noticing more than ever that political campaigns are based on fear.  Commercial after commercial,  politician after politician spending big advertising bucks,  not to tell you what their goals are,  but all the nasty little deeds of their opponents.   Fear and smear campaigns rule the airways. 

As your average Joe’et,  I’m finding it extremely difficult to support any of them.   Why has it  become acceptable in our society to be ruled by fear and accept the smear?  Honestly,  it appears there are no politicians fit to run for office.

I have family members who are quite political.  Countless hours spent campaigning national and local elections.  Honestly,  I admire their strength and determination.  However,  I often wonder if they are powered by fear.

Soon I will have to make the decision to go out and vote,  or not.  I realize that candidates get elected,  regardless of my decision.  Presently,  I find it difficult to sift through the mud and listen to the garbage long enough to make an informed opinion. 

I realize this practice of fear and smear is nothing new in the world of politics.   Supporters  of John Quincy Adams printed handbills accusing Andrew Jackson of executing six militiamen in 1813 without cause. Jackson’s wife was accused of being an adulteress. Grover Cleveland was mocked as the father of a child out-of-wedlock with the slogan, “Ma, Ma, where’s my Pa?” Supporters had the last laugh when he won, his pa was: “Gone to the White House. Ha, ha, ha.”

 This is where we are now with 24 hour news and endless information via the internet.    Apparently,  politician must think we love this stuff.  Sure,  that’s just what we wanna hear,  nobody is fit to run our country.   I think it would be one thing if all the accusations were true,  but it appears that all we get is half-truths and twisty stories spoon fed to us daily.   Nothing makes me more angry than when I find out on my own that a political ad is being less than honest,  just another  smear for personal gain and greed. 

  We’re taught it’s our civic duty to be informed and to go out and vote.  Make America a better place and I’d love to do just that.  However,  if the candidate’s choose not to market their own agenda.  Run a campaign based on  smearing their opposition with as much muck as they can dig up ,  I personally won’t be able to control my nausea long enough to place an honest vote.    As for those future leaders of this great country,  state your facts,  your agenda,  for  if you want my vote,  I  certainly won’t be voting based on fear.  I wanna hear about YOU.

Be careful what you wish for

This year I had the Christmas Spirit. I normally don’t. I seldom even decorate or put up a tree. It’s not that I don’t like Christmas. Basically, it comes and goes before I realize what happened.

Being an on-line retailer, it’s a busy time of year and as you know, when things are really busy time goes by fast.

This year my web-site was down during the holidays. I had to rework the site so It was down from right before Thanksgiving till the first of the year.

With this extra time It gave me the opportunity to really enjoy the holidays. I can’t remember enjoying the holidays this much in years. I slowed way down and just absorbed it all.

Sitting back and living the spirit of Christmas. I thought,  wouldn’t some snow be so nice for the holidays this year. We don’t normally have a lot of snow in December, so it is rare to have a white Christmas here.

My little wish was answered on Friday December 20th, about 1:00 in the afternoon. By 2:00 pm it had snowed 2″. It was basically a blizzard that totalled 18 inches by the following morning.

It really made for a magical Holiday season.

Here lies the problem. It hasn’t stopped snowing yet. Enough already! We have been knee deep in snow for going on 3 weeks now.

I’m no longer feeling all warm and snugly. Reality is starting to set in now. It’s cold. It’s wet. It’s miserable.

I hereby make my new years resolution. In 2010, I will not wish for snow. As a matter of fact, I may never wish for snow ever again.

Now I understand the term “be careful what you wish for, you may recieve it”