dying with dignity

Part of life is death.  What we do in between is a huge series of choices which becomes our legacy.

What a gift it would be to die with dignity.  Sounds good,doesn’t it?  I assure you that’s way harder than it sounds.

When you hear the final word from your medical team that you fought beside for your life to be extended just a little bit longer,  and that news is not what you were hoping for.  It’s devastating. All that you thought you were.  Is no more.

Scarred, Angry, exhausted, heart broken.  Emotions that have been burried away so far that you thought those emotions only happened to other people.  Not you.

A big part of dying with dignity is acceptance.  If you could change what was happening, you would.  But reality is, you can’t.

Real dignity is comforting those whom you are leaving behind.  Find the courage to comfort them in their grief too,  knowing that someday,  we will be renited once again.

This is no dought a tall order for someone in their final days but it will be the greatest  gift that you can leave behind to those whom you love, and love you.

Each day that you get up is a day left that you can accept what is happening.  Reach out to those you need to and give yourself peace and the freedom to return to god with dignity,  smiling from ear to ear.  Your mission is done and your legacy will remain in the hearts of those left behind.


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