Can Broken relationships be mended?

Imagine walking into your best friends house. Just inside the door sits an elaborately decorated vase, inside a protective case. You love antiques. It’s gorgeous. You admire its art and beauty. You know you should look and not touch. But, your curiosity has taken away your common sense and you just have to see if you can recognize it’s markings on the bottom of the piece. Maybe you can find something that beautiful in one of your travels if you could just get a better look. You pick it up high, change the angle a couple times. It’s old, hard to see. Just as your friend is shutting the door and making idle conversation, never knowing her husbands family air loom that has been in the family since the 1700’s is not in it’s spot, until she hears the crash.

Yes, you feel terrible. You dropped and cracked your friends vase. You are so sorry. You assure her you’ll pay for it. Yes, that’s it. Assume responsibility, so very sorry. you will replace it or pay for it. Just let me know what to do.

Now for the truth. Wake up Alice, wonderland is just around the corner. The vase is a family estate piece called the “Dragon and Lotus” and it’s worth is $3 million dollars.

Your heart drops. You don’t have $3 million. You can’t borrow $3 million and it doesn’t change the fact that the vase is broken.

What now? Can the vase be mended? Well Yes it can be sent to a specialty artist who specializes in restorations but then it will be a mended vase. It may be the only option because you can’t change what has happened but it will never be the same. It will still be the vase, but the vase has cracks.

Can your relationship with your best friend ever be the same? the short answer is no. Can your relationship be mended? It can be, but it will have cracks too. The relationship will not be the same because it has had a dramatic event that changed it whether it was intentional or not.

Can your relationship be better than before? Yes, and that is when you know you have a unique and spiritual relationship with this person. It will take a lot of love and forgiveness.  Mainly love.   If your energy’s are truly on the same path,  peace can be make and your relationship not only mended but improved.

Most broken relationships don’t even closely resemble something of this magnitude. Very small hurt feelings or disappointments can turn many relationships into unbelievable drama, hate, revenge, sorrow and even death .  A relationship that is not meant to be is going to find a way to self destruct.  That is when you will simply be feeding negative energies rather than filling yourself with people who are more aligned with your spirit.

It is in my belief that any relationship,  if it is intended by our higher power,  to be in the best interest of those involved , anything broken can be healed. It is also in my belief that we are protected by our higher power and not every relationship will be healed and we must accept and thank our creator for his guidance.

Now don’t be too quick to jump on the high and mighty  train.  It may be you that’s not good for the other person,  instead of visa versa.  😉


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