Groundhog day

Loved the movie Groundhog day.  Bill Murray was perfect for that part.  Bill has this innocent blank stare that I don’t think anyone can duplicate.  There are not very many movies that I watch more than once but that was one of them.

The lesson in groundhog day for me was realizing that many of us do just what Bill Murray did in that movie,  probably with a similar blank stare. We don’t even realize that we get up day after day and do the same thing over and over with little emotion or thought.  Like well programed robots.

We carry the same emotional baggage with us every where we go.  We hold on to grudges from a half century ago,  still trying to convince ourselves that we were right,  of course.  Most people really aren’t listening enough to convince them of anything so your basically only convincing yourself

We relive our childhood over and over, good and bad.   We still blame bubba from third grade for the constant “teasing”,  even though Bubba is 50 now and not even the same person he was 40 years ago.

You know there is freedom in letting go.  How can you grow and enjoy the new day when you are insistent on reliving yesterday for the remainder of your lifetime.   I don’t think most of want to die with the huge storage chest of nonsense that they have collected and cared for like fine crystal.  Let it go.  Live for today and may your new day be joyful .  If it’s not, find out why and work toward changing it.  Accept that you and only you are in control of your life, your destiny.  Stop the silly blame games and accept as humans we are all good and bad.  Don’t get stuck in Groundhog day and relive the same story day after day.  Get out there and live, love and laugh.


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