Accutane – The miracle cure or lifetime sentence of misery?

Even though I know it’s not the Spiritual way to be, I wish for just one day that the CEO of Hoffmann-La Roche could walk just one day in the shoes of a person who ingested Accutane.

It’s hard to even describe how difficult life has been since my husband ingested Accutane nearly 19 years ago.  Every day is a struggle.  The numerous side effects that have lasted long after the treatment,  has been the most horrible thing I have ever seen someone go through.  The medical system is just draining because they can only treat the symptoms they can’t take away the damage.  It took many, many  years for the medical system to even identify his problem and start getting him treatment,  even though he was going to the doctor on a regular basis trying to get help.  We are now drained medically,    insurance we  can’t keep up with, knowing  he needs more treatments just to stay alive.    

Humiliated and drained we face each day.   Most of our friends and family have either become distant or at the very best they can’t understand.   It’s hard to be very social or a friend to anyone when you struggle just to get through one more day.   Holidays don’t exist.  Vacations aren’t even thought of ,  everyday is just getting through to the next.

 Hoffman has their  team of  lawyers and will drag out assisting all the Accutane victims as long as they can.  Maybe they can sit back and justify their actions for years to come waiting for many of the victims to die.   I hope that deep down in their soul they can absorb what they have done to the lives of  so many.  We can’t turn back time and neither can they but facing their responsibilities would be a refreshing thing to see for many who have suffered for so long.




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