The forum people

About ten years ago our local newspaper had an online forum that was attached to the e-edition of the paper.  I hadn’t been online very long at that time,  a couple of years maybe at most.  It was really fascinating at first.  Everybody seemed to know each other and they played,  told jokes and argued about politics and religion.  Mostly they argued,  but for some reason as a bystander looking in,   it looked like fun.

After watching the characters for a while, I joined.  Called my friend and she joined and I have to admit.  It was fun.  We had a blast.  Within a short period of time things got carried away and the paper shut it down.  Too much arguing getting out of hand would be the short version. 

The participants of the forums were all hopelessly addicted.  Including me or maybe I should say mainly me. 😉  Soon several different forums spun off of that one,  after it was closed.  We hadn’t had enough yet!  Several rivalries had developed.  So members split up and went to different forums.  Eventually my friend an I were hosting one of those forums.  Somehow that’s when the fun stopped.  It was much more fun to participate than to moderate.  

It’s been several years since I seriously participated in forums.  The hosting our own forum,  cured my friend and I both of our forum addiction.  However a few days ago a fellow participant called and left a message on my voicemail.   Somehow it was like a drug and it just called me  back. 

I find myself  trying to remember where some of the old places were.  I didn’t have this persons e-mail so I was visiting places I thought they might be.  Looking at several different sites,  some two or three times,  wondering if they used the same user name.  Recognizing some old names.  Cruising down memory lane and wasting time.

Suddenly,  as I entered one of the old sites for maybe the 3rd time.  Cruising from one site to the next.  I see “Sorry user,  you are banned from using this forum.”  

Now even when I did frequent forums,  I don’t think I ever really got in any trouble.  However this one forum used to always ban me.  It was so funny.  I’m happy to say that cured my curiosity for the forum people.  I’m glad I’ve moved on from that but sometimes a little reminders not a bad thing.


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