Facebook like button Invasion

Everybody who has used Facebook has noticed the little thumbs up button, intended to share links with your friends.  Of corse,  some of us have only noticed them on Facebook,  not on just your basic web pages.   Well,  maybe I missed the latest issue of Facebook for Dummies,  but I never realized those innocent little thumbs up buttons have invaded various sites in cyber world.

A friend calls,  she’s got a lil female problem.  As our conversation evolves,  I find myself searching the internet for answers.  Give her a little peace of mind or possibly the  heads up that she needs to see a doctor asap.  I’m helpful that way, which may not be a good thing,   in retrospect. 

My searching leads me to ehow.com.  Nice family safe site with lots of good medical information.  I honestly have to say it had the most basic information that pertained  that I found during my search. 

The article “How to Diagnose Vaginal Discharge”,  sounds innocent enough, right?  Talking about convience,  there was that cute little thumbs up button,  allowing me share with my friend.   How Cool!  No need to book mark or copy and paste,  just send it on over.   heh heh heh

Now here lyes the problem.  First,  I don’t have a facebook page.  My hubby does,  however.  He uses it for business,  maybe some old friend contacts that he’s lost touch with over the years,  a few family members.  Actually,  he rarely used it.  Apparently he did recently,  because he was still logged in.  Rut-Row,  Scooby,  I smell trouble here.

Another strange thing about Facebook is,  it appears people never really post that much in our circle.  They log in,  stare at each other.  Spam a link or two and move on.  I’ll tell ya one thing though,  when an extremely conservative male suddenly “shares with his friends”  something like..

How to Diagnose Vaginal Discharge

You have the whole groups attention,  and their concern.  Never seen so many posts in his history of Facebook.

” Dude??”

“hey man,  got a little problem ya wanna share?”


“LOL,  gotta little  itchy?”

“probably should see a doc asap..LOL”

“and you are sharing this, Why?”

“You are sooo funny”

“please call me,  ROTFLMAO”

Only positive thing at this point I can think of is at least Facebook comes equipped with a delete button too.  While it is a quick fix,  somehow I think it will bring a few snickers from the group for a while.    When hubby saw it,  he thought he was “hacked”  LOL.   If it weren’t for the fact that I was laughing so hard I couldn’t speak,  he may have continued to believe that. 

Moral of this story is, beware of the invasion of the likey buttons on web sites,  especially if you share a computer with someone else,  like your hubby!   The likey button and favorites buttons are two totally different creatures.   Now,  off to the mall to buy “Facebook for Dummies” !!  I wonder if they have the really dumb edition out yet??