The Journey Continues

Today a new life begins,  innocent and pure.   He hears the  thump, thump, thump  of a heart that is strong.   He’ll take  his first breath with  lungs that are clear and savor fresh air without any fear.   He has lived other journeys  absorbing much wisdom.  As he smiles at the world, is he hiding a  secret?  Once a man,  now the past left behind. 

Goodbye, my friend, I know you are safe.  No more pain or suffering for you.    What a wonderful day to start anew.   As I gather with friends to say my goodby’s,  my heart has sadness but  know it was time.   I enjoyed our laughter and your great sense of humor and  wish you much happiness,  as your journey continues. 

In Memory of Rick Helton,  10/11/10


One Response

  1. Life is a learning process. We go away for a while, and find out where we made our mistakes. Then we,in our own time, come back as babies to start the learning process all over again. We can make earth a Heaven or Helll. It is up to us! God does not punish us or reward us. We do that ourselves with actions that we choose. Most of us aren’t as bad as we think we are, or as good as we think we are. God is the origional wise parent that lets His children choose their actions and reap the consequences or enjoy the reward right here on earth. Those who sow love, reap love. Those who sow fear, reap fear.

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