Be careful what you wish for

This year I had the Christmas Spirit. I normally don’t. I seldom even decorate or put up a tree. It’s not that I don’t like Christmas. Basically, it comes and goes before I realize what happened.

Being an on-line retailer, it’s a busy time of year and as you know, when things are really busy time goes by fast.

This year my web-site was down during the holidays. I had to rework the site so It was down from right before Thanksgiving till the first of the year.

With this extra time It gave me the opportunity to really enjoy the holidays. I can’t remember enjoying the holidays this much in years. I slowed way down and just absorbed it all.

Sitting back and living the spirit of Christmas. I thought,  wouldn’t some snow be so nice for the holidays this year. We don’t normally have a lot of snow in December, so it is rare to have a white Christmas here.

My little wish was answered on Friday December 20th, about 1:00 in the afternoon. By 2:00 pm it had snowed 2″. It was basically a blizzard that totalled 18 inches by the following morning.

It really made for a magical Holiday season.

Here lies the problem. It hasn’t stopped snowing yet. Enough already! We have been knee deep in snow for going on 3 weeks now.

I’m no longer feeling all warm and snugly. Reality is starting to set in now. It’s cold. It’s wet. It’s miserable.

I hereby make my new years resolution. In 2010, I will not wish for snow. As a matter of fact, I may never wish for snow ever again.

Now I understand the term “be careful what you wish for, you may recieve it”


One Response

  1. Think of it this way. You got your wish for snow. You didn’t have to go anywhere because you couldn’t. You didn’t get too warm.
    There was plenty of water. Your garden didn’t wilt, and the snow would be good for your garden in the spring. You could go sleigh riding. The cold killed most of the insects. You didn’t have to worry much about bears. You didn’t have to be bothered with pesty visitors. You had a roof over your head. Your dog didn’t get fleas. What more could a girl want?

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